Noise Pollution

Usually I have to leave NYC to realize how loud it is here. But lately I’ve been sensitive to the noise. It’s not just the sirens that seem to go on endlessly, it’s the car alarms, mockingbirds that sing car alarm songs, cars honking, bicyclists whistle blowing, and construction noise.

I changed my running route slightly so I don’t have to pass a bottleneck of construction, cars and bicyclists. Instead, I run around a McDonald’s. My end goal is Prospect Park where it’s supposed to be calm and serene in nature. Lately its been noisy there too. Summer brings out a lot more bicyclists and joggers as well as many park landscaping trucks. And during the morning rush hour cars are allowed to drive through the west side of the park. But this is the best I’ve got right now.

We were recently in Montreal, a calm and clean city. I heard two sirens during the four days we were there. I didn’t notice other noise pollution. When we got back to Brooklyn it took me a day to tune out the non-stop sirens.

Country life is calling. At least for a little while.


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