This is June

If you’ve been hanging out with me lately you’ve heard me talk about this pattern. We don’t have spring here in NYC anymore. Last year I put my sweaters away Memorial Day weekend. Right now, almost one week into June and our heat is still on for the nights that go down into the low 50s.

We’ve had a very wet and cool spring. With the exception of three HOT days about two weeks ago, its mostly been raining and in the low 60s. I know summer is just a few weeks away and it WILL get warmer. It’s just not normal to go directly from heat to air conditioning. Remember when we used to open the windows in spring?

Luckily for my sisters, they are enjoying at least the third nice spring since I’ve been paying attention. They told me they haven’t had a major snowstorm during the past two winters either.

So next time you make fun of the terrible weather up north, remember that spring looks a whole lot nicer in Madison, Wisconsin than in New York City.




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