Nellie’s Free Range Eggs (Sponsored)

This super cute chicken likely inspired JP to make me a homemade mother’s day breakfast all by himself.

I’ve bought Nellie’s brand eggs many times in the past. I like that the eggs are free range and the price point is affordable compared to other brands of free range eggs.

Easy to prepare, inexpensive and nutrient dense, eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious meal or snack options around. Plus, they’re a great first food to get kids into the kitchen and interested in cooking at an early age.

JP has slept with the stuffed chicken in his bed for the past week. On Sunday morning we didn’t hear him wake up but he announced that he made me a soup for breakfast. Luckily, he didn’t turn on the stove, his “soup” consisted of two ingredients in a pot. Now that JP feels comfortable in the kitchen, we will be using our eggs to make something savory like an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.


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