North Fork

North Fork beach


We aren’t in a position to buy a second home in the North Fork, or even to spend more than a week vacation there. But that doesn’t stop us from taking a day trip. Yes, really, we do day trips to Orient Beach State Park on the end of the North Fork. And we LOVE it!

A few Saturdays ago, after a late start, we were on the fence about even making a trip to the North Fork. We left around noon, stopped at our CSA farm, Sang Lee Farms for a snack and then headed to the beach. By the time we got there it was after 4pm so the park was free. Once we got into the water we realized the trip was worth it. JP was in his comfort zone, the water felt like a bath on such a hot day, and the scenery was surreal.

We stopped for a casual outdoor dinner on the way back to the highway. We changed JP into his pajamas and he fell asleep quickly on the drive home.

Such a beautiful escape from the city. We should do it more often.

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