Paring Down

paring down


Welcome back!

We had a wonderful holiday staycation doing just what we wanted, re-connecting with each other and being present. We took the kids to do a few things around the city and appreciated the lack of traffic and crowds.

We also cleared out a few areas of the house where we were accumulating stuff. Although it’s time consuming, I really love the feeling of getting rid of things we don’t use anymore (like baby items). It’s like shedding pounds. I feel much lighter afterwards, like a load off my shoulders.

Inez cleaned out her room and got rid of things like stuffed animals and picture books. Of course the picture books then went into JP’s room. But we were ready to get rid of his changing table so we rearranged his room to accommodate his sister’s old books and gained a lot more room for JP and his friends to play.

We also did a major cleaning on our garden level with the hopes of renting out the space on a short-term basis. It’s amazing how much crap we had down there, including stuff I’d moved many miles over the last 20 years.

Now we have a practically empty closet, ready for paying guests (and non paying family)!

I feel cleansed.

Did you do anything cleansing over the holidays?

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  1. Bob January 7, 2015 at 3:58 pm #

    Too bad parents can’t inherit some attributes from their children. Well done!

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